A Prayer

God of grace and mercy, we awaken with a remembrance of the unimaginable horror of this day 19 years ago. We lift up those who continue to grieve deeply the loss of loved ones because of the attacks of 9-11. We pray that your healing power continues to bring them peace. We are saddened by the way the attacks undermined our sense of national security. But we are grateful to remember how this act of terror unified us as a nation. We are thankful for the heroism that shone forth from the ashes of destruction. We pray for that same unity today in our country. We pray that we continue to learn that our security can only be firm if established in You. On this day of remembrance may we turn to the healing grace of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

By preachinglife

My father was a military chaplain so I moved around quite a bit growing up. I have always gone to church! Even when we traveled we went somewhere to church. I met and married my husband, Garrett, at Chicago Theological Seminary where I earned a Masters of Divinity degree. He and I were ordained together at the First Church of Lombard, United Church of Christ in Lombard, Illinois on June 14, 1987. My first act as an ordained minister at the end of a tremendously hot ordination ceremony was to baptize my daughter, Lisa Marian! We added two sons and a daughter to the mix: James, Joseph and Maria. We have girls on either end and two boys one year apart in the middle. They range in age from 33 to almost 22. I love them!

I have been in the parish ministry for 35 years, serving at three different churches. I have joyfully served the people at the First Congregational Church of Rockford, United Church of Christ in Rockford, Michigan for 24 years.

We live on family land about 3 miles from the church. In random free moments I enjoy cooking good meals, reading, writing, gardening, traveling and spending time with my family. I am blessed!

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